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The title to my blog was orchestrated back in high school. I was in form three at the time. Being the secretary in our journalism club. I was enthused looking forward to our meetings every Wednesday afternoon when all clubs used to meet. Needless to say, our club had the most members. It all came from leadership. Exclusively Energetic team we had. Very organized, just so you know.

It came a time we got too old and our stay in school almost came to a close. We had to do something. At least leave a legacy. Something to be remembered for. We brain stormed and decided to write a magazine that would include the school history, school lifestyle and a bit of country’s happenings at the time. I remember Bwana Waititu was the topic in people’s mouths.

The name of the amazing adventure was born. Tomorrow Today. The launch of our magazine was a humongous event. A day that will remain in the memory of everyone present that day.

Tomorrow Today did not die in my veins. If it did in others. I had to find a way to make it stay. Put into it effort and content. It mothered my brand…

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