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It was a normal Thursday. Got to my work place on time ready to receive that day’s clients. Everyone else was present. Except it was quite a chilly morning. All hands on deck to ensure clients didn’t have nothing to complain about. Floor spotless, surfaces wiped, kids and adults snacks restocked. Being the accounts manager, receptionist and pretty much manager, I had to ensure every one of our clients was all over us like white on rice

At around midday, we saw our boss’s Land Rover Discovery, brown and black drive into the parking lot. Good Lord! It was her. The only lady who’s presence would make even the most notorious of employee’s blood boil. She walked into the premise and our then spotlessly fresh and clean Spa carried all the “sewage”.

“If this is how dirty you keep my spa, I doubt you guyz even bathe,” those were her words. I had to clean everything all over. Alone this time. The rest were busy with clients. I tried calling her out on her language and tone bearng in mind her employees are people with families. There was so much tension I could barely breathe.

The most interesting part was after confronting my boss she asked me not to show up at work the following day Friday. “Can I leave now?” I asked. And left that place never to return…

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