The big question should be, did Jowie kill Monica out of his own personal reasons or was he hired as a hit man? According to the court, the style in which Jowie took Monica Nyawira Kimani’s life speaks volume. This was not his first murder. He sliced Monica’s wrists, legs and neck. He then left the tub water running flowing with her blood. That is definitely not something he was taught at Langalanga Secondary School.

Most probably he was paid to kill Nyawira. Or not. But if you ask me, if he was actually hired as a hit man, we would not know who killed Monica to date. Jowie’s relationship with Monica must have led him to miss a step in cleaning behind him this time around however good he was at his Job. Who knows? He had planned it all but trapped himself. That’s why you’re told not to mix business with pleasure. And if you must, definitely not with Jowie. Some true stories will drop your jaw more than fiction.

September 19th 2018, Joseph(Jowie) stayed at his girlfriend’s place in Royal Park, Langata, Jackie Maribe, former host and journalist at Citizen TV. That evening he went out with friends at Wood House Grill driving Jackie’s car, a Toyota Allion. Jowie met his friend, Orlando at 8.00pm where they left Wood House, Orlando drove and dropped Jowie at Lenana Road. This time, Jowie had a Kanzu on and a gun at his waist. He boarded a taxi that dropped him at Lamuria Gardens, where Monica stayed. Jowie changed his name to Dominic at the gate and at 8.40pm, he was at Monica’s door.


Jowie found Monica with two more visitors who left later on. Sadly, if only they knew they shouldn’t have left. Monica wondered why Jowie was in a Kanzu. He said he was from work that’s why he’s dressed that way. Jowie then lured Monica into the bathtub where he did the unimaginable. He left and was picked by Orlando who gave him back Jackie’s car. Jowie and Jackie had an argument and it’s said Jowie shot himself on the arm. That’s how I think Jackie got into trouble too.

Monica’s brother called his sister with no response and had to go find her at her place. He’s the one who met the horrific scene. Now justice has been served but some women are feeling sorry for what, looks? When we’re fighting against feminism? The other big question is, did Jowie do this purposely or he’s protecting some big personality?


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