Most of us the most water we have experienced is the basin one as you take a shower. Have you ever sat to think, who keeps check of these massive metalsĀ  that run in the deep seas for whatever purpose, may it be energy transfer, bridges, off-site buildings etc

There’s a job called underwater welding. Ya’ll take for a ride all these welders who do their thing out here. Becoming an underwater welder can get you to up to $30,000 per month. Tarmac no more. You got a job that could make you a millionaire in just the first month of doing it. But there’s catch

You dive deep into the ocean where the pressure is enough to crush you. Imagine working in total silence and darkness with only helmet light and welding tools. How do you even hold them? The only thing connecting you to the surface is a tethered line keeping you from disappearing into the abyss.


Imagine the amount of water trying to force it’s way into you? Remember here you’re working with electricity piercing through the water. Any wrong move, you’re electrocuted. Don’t even go near that if you can’t handle the cold. Hypothermia can knock at your door any second.


The currents and storms that set in when you barely know it. You need to assume significant risks. Imagine the mental stress of isolation and the possibility of not coming back to receive your check. Which should be the very reason you got yourself there in the first place. Otherwise what else is?



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