A mom visits her son in the leafy suburbs of Beverly Hills as this was normally her custom. After every summer she could drive half a mile in pursuit to check up on the only fruit of her womb and find out his progress. Except this time around, she finds her son with a roommate. Its not her son’s mannerism to have roommates. As a matter of fact, he was an extreme introvert. He valued his personal space.

During dinner, mother and son invites the roommate,Vanessa, not her real name, to join them in the small family event. Mother could not help but realize how pretty Vanessa is. As she watched her son interact with his roommate, she could not help but wonder whether there’s something going on between the duo.

The son, seeing how his mother looks at them, volunteers and says, “mom, I know what’s going on in your mind. I promise you nothing is going on between Vanessa and I. We are just roommates. That’s it.” Mother responds in a seemingly sarcastic manner, “okay, I see. Son you don’t have to be defensive. Remember I gave birth to you.”

One week after mother leaves, Vanessa approaches son and tells him, “ever since your mother came, I’m unable to find the silver plate. I’m not saying she took it, neither I’m I insinuating she stole it, but would you mind asking her for me please?” The son responds, “Sure, I’ll ask her whether she has it.”

“Hello mom, by any chance, could you have taken a silver plate with you? And mom, we are not saying you stole it. We just want to be sure we’ve ran out of places to search so we know it’s lost.” the son says to his mother.

“Son, I’m not insinuating you two sleep together, but if you don’t, Vanessa should have already realized I placed your silver plate beneath her pillow on her bed.” Mother responds and hangs up. Son realizes his mother is not a fool.

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