I think Scarlet Wahu’s story is narrated in such disrespectful a manner. I don’t blame the journalists. Neither do I blame rumor spreaders. I blame the police. Tell me why every camera was all over the crime scene as if it was some tourists attraction site. This shouldn’t have happened when the investigation had yet to commense. Making matters worse, stories spread having been added all sorts of spices. In other words, sensationalization.

All over tiktok and Instagram we now have “counsellors” advising women not to sell themselves in exchange for money or whatever benefits. This is in relation to Scarlet’s death. And I’m by no means whatsoever claiming Scarlet died out of prostitution. No one knows the actual truth. She might have been in a relationship with her killer, she might have been into business with her murderer too. Only the dead can tell us what actually happened. Not in this life unfortunately. Maybe the next.

Assuming anyone uses commercial sex to feed themselves, no one has the right to take their life. In my opinion, everyone deserves to live. For pit sake respect that. What keeps a person around. I’m speaking for Nairobian Chics. You need to understand that these ladies however pretty, energetic and capable they look, they equally go through a lot of trauma. Most of them wake up to indomie or bread with coffee. That’s what they’ll manage probably for the whole day. Just to save for pending or next month’s bills.

Most women will fear the embarrassment to go back to the village when things get out of hand and do the unthinkable in pursuit to keep up with Nairobi lifestyle. They will do whatever it takes to convince their parents, villagemates as well as friends that they’re doing just fine. Whereas out of desperation to find ways to sustain themselves, they fall in the hands of people who unalive them.

Therefore we need to understand that whatever happened to Scarlet could happen to anyone whether male or female. The blood that ran inside her is the same color that runs inside everyone of us.  We are no exception. Only that Scarlet’s story is known. How many cases happen and are swept under the carpet? So, instead of pointing fingers at Scarlet as if we didn’t go to school, ask yourself, what do I do so I don’t find myself in such situations?



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