I had an extremely difficult time trying to figure out why on God’s green earth my periods were so violent with me. I could literally get stressed one week prior my menses because cramps began then,all through my three days to one week and after. This consumed me and I had zero motivation to do anything. I couldn’t even sleep. I just sat and gazed. Skipped my To Do lists and just held my muscle relaxing water bottle on my belly in pursuit to feel better.

Three days before my menstruation, I made sure I had my pain killers at arms length, my two packets of sanitary towels and a filled thamos flask of hot water. I also made sure my sleeping position was static all through the traumatizing nights just so I don’t misplace my pad and mess my bedding. Until I met my companion. My all day favorite and life saver, Healthy Living Sanitary towel. That became the end to gyne’s visits.

Healthy Living Sanitary Pad has basket full of benefits. It has a magnetic strip that provides three natural energies, magnetism, anion and far infrared that greatly enhanced my blood circulation. It has gotten rid of fatigue and hormonal imbalance that made me postpone my timetable to “next week”.

This God sent sanitary pad came to save me both embarrassment and finances. Embarrassment that I could feel bad Oduor coming out of me like some decaying cops because the pads I used were made of synthetic products that could not let air in or out. Therefore two to three hours of having a pad on could make me insecure. I’d rather go out with a handbag full of nothing else but pads if I actually had to leave the house. That’s how I could budget at least sh1500 monthly for my menstruation only.

With Healthy Living, I’m now able to put on my pad for all day. It absorbs really fast, keeps me dry all day, I don’t leak because it has two sets of wings. ThoseĀ  to hold my panties firm and others to keep my pad intact. The magnetic energy keeps me active and regulates my period. I no longer have to budget for painkillers and visits to daktari. A lady goes through 500 cycles in her lifestyle. Imagine how many times I could have remained in agony. But I’m now happy and healthy with Healthy Living and Awareness Sanitary Towels.


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