The way my mother has brought me up, I think I’m one of the few girl children that are okay with my lane. Most of the ladies I’ve met, and I’m speaking this from a woman’s perspective, I’ve been one my whole life, really don’t like each other. For whatever reason. You might think that competition is in the opposite gender, which there is but honestly women seriously bring each other down.

More often than not, women who are normally best of friends both in high school and college end up being each other’s rivals and threat in their older age. Be it for promotions in co-oporate fields, reservations at events, politics, romance etc. They always want some space at the table. And if you asked them, most of the space, if not all. Men do compete as well, but they have a sense of brotherhood.

For so long I’ve realized, women have been socially programmed to compare their grades, handbags, clothes, homes, boyfriends and husbands as well their bodies. They find ways to survive the wrath of feeling their rival is better. Instead of borrowing inspiration, they cover their “blemishes” by pointing fingers.

Women engage in behaviors like gossiping, gaslighting, nosiness, mimicking and boasting just to damage their fellow woman. Men however, are more straight forward with each other. They’re also competition tolerant and their conflicts are more physical than emotional. They barely keep things to the heart and tend to forget too easily.

If you ask me, women are less ready¬† to resolve conflicts with each other than men. They go through a long depth of emotional wave. In whatever area of competition, men end up walking away with the lion’s share. I wish women stopped fearing one another and stand shoulder to shoulder. There’s an alliance in women who stand with each other. They become a force to reckon with.




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