For the longest time I thought ignoring an issue would solve it. Or most of us do. We couldn’t be more wrong. I read a quote, that you can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another. That saying lifted itself off of the page and printed itself at the center of my head. I figured maybe pampering myself to junk and shopping would get things better. Not really.

Imagine the way you ignore that one tiny cockroach you bumped into in the house and assume it’s alone. You shouldn’t be surprised when you realize a community of the same somewhere in those dark corners. The same way you ignore that “boyfriend” who can’t create time for you, that “best friend” who puts you under the bus while hanging out with friends. That “girl friend” who promised to break up with you for whatever reason. That aunt who criticizes you.

Assuming those problems, gives them power over you making you a slave of them. Since you’ve refused to deal with them as they rise, they leave you frustrated, abandoned, neglected and rejected. These emotions become a scab that won’t go away. It will not heal.

It’s time for you to feel large and in charge. Sieze acting like nothings wrong. Accept there is a disconnect and do something about it. Name the problem already. Let the problem sink in. How did it start? where? What feelings are emanating from it? What would be the most likely outcome if you put this very problem to rest? Why are you not mad that it’s taking away your power?

Go beyond and write down the problem on paper. Describe how much it has stolen your joy. It must not consume you. Learn new ways of increasing your confidence and be verbal about the problem. Increase your social skills. Read books that elevate your capacity and relevance. Get over it already!




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