Nothing surpasses the power of consistency. Not even papers. This is a statement I came to terms with in my third year of building a business with the concept of network marketing.

Kenya is one of the third world countries. Probably one of the darkest deepest economies in the world. Taxation is above the roof and not even complaining nor demonstrations can save Kenyans at this point. It’s either you shape up or out.

I had all the reasons to call it quits. At the very top is the depth of ignorance there is among Kenyans. At least a good number is yet to understand what exactly network marketing is.

My company is one among many selling products via networking. So many others do the same. Both physical products as well as services. Our business is nothing different from other common businesses. The likes of boutiques, butcheries, cosmetics shops, supermarkets and second hand clothes that don’t need a static shop to start.

Business people in my country are selling services successfully. For example barber shops and salons, schools and hospitals as well as event planners. The only difference with us is we use network marketing content. And that’s the challenge. Networking is involving people and plugging them into a system and they build their networks too. And that way, more money is made. Instead of just making direct sales and loosing customers in the process.

The point about network marketing is to create both a residual income and a passive income. The former is putting in the work from the onset of business for a certain period of time e.g Ten years and that work will pay you for the rest of your life. The latter means you build a network under a system that will pay you for the rest of your life. And the difference between the two is almost the same.For that, my third year in business is fully dedicated to building a foundation for both incomes.

It’s not easy. The days to call it quits are more than the days I want to keep keeping on. What stays me going is the imagination that if I quit I’ll have to start something else from scratch and probably drop the ball too like the previous one because it shows I have no resilience. Secondly is the income potential that comes with network marketing. You can make so much money as a network marketer similar to what a co-operate CEO makes and beyond.

The third reason is to create employment for so many who are jobless and hopeless. And those who are in jobs but are miserable and frustrated by toxic work environments with unfair bosses. To simply elevate them to reach the standards of an overwhelming economy.

Finally I want to prove to those watching what happens that it is possible. Coz most expect I’m wrong. It’s possible to build a network of willing Kenyans who can genuinely save one another from the Jaws of poverty. Which is where most people are at. I must prove to those who think I’m in the wrong career wrong. Because they are.

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